Partner: Good Energy

Partner: Good Energy

Good Energy logoTogether we can tackle climate breakdown

We’re Good Energy. We were set up in 1999 to enable people to be part of a sustainable solution to climate change by choosing clean power generated from renewables.

As an offer for Eden Project supporters like you, use the referral code below to get £50 credit when you switch your home energy supply to us.

Your referral code is: Eden Sessions

To claim your credit, go to to get a quote and switch online

Make an even bigger difference

Choosing clean power is one of the biggest things you can do to tackle climate breakdown. Think more people should know that? So do we – and it’s something you can help with.

Once you’re a Good Energy customer, you can sign up to our referral programme to inspire friends and family to choose clean power. Then, every time someone switches to us on your recommendation, we’ll give you each £50 credit as a thank you.

Go to to become a referrer.

A different kind of energy company

As a company committed to fighting climate breakdown, we source our power as sustainably as possible. Here’s how we take an ethical approach to energy and more:

  • Our electricity is generated from sun, wind and water here in the UK.
  • We pay our community of 1,500 independent generators a fair price for their power, and our staff a real living wage.
  • Our carbon neutral gas supports community projects and real people around the world, helping improve access to clean energy.
  • We champion younger generations, helping them get their voices heard on issues such as the climate strikes. We also provide insight into STEM careers in the green sector.

Working with Eden

With rising global temperatures, increasingly extreme weather and disruption to plant and wildlife, there has never been a more urgent time to stand up for our world. We’re proud to work with purposeful, ethical organisations like the Eden Project that also recognise this, and are working to create a cleaner, greener future for us all.

We’ve been working with the Eden Project since 2014, supplying their electricity along with developing exciting projects for the future.

Join us today

To get a quote and switch to Good Energy, go to

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