Partner: Good Energy

Partner: Good Energy

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Good Energy was founded in 1999 with the ambition to tackle climate change by generating and investing in renewable energy. Since we started out, we’ve been supplying clean power sourced from our own wind and solar farms as well as from independent, UK-based renewable generators. We also pioneered support for people generating their own clean electricity, launching the HomeGen scheme which became the blueprint for the Feed-in Tariff.

Today, we’re continuing to support and invest in local energy generation. From using digital innovation to help UK households and businesses manage their energy usage more efficiently, to empowering more people to generate, store and share clean power, we’re leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener future.

Good Energy’s Cornish connection

We’ve been supporting renewable generation in Cornwall since 2002. This is when we bought Delabole, the UK’s first commercial windfarm. We’ve now invested over £11 million in the site, which also benefits the local area through a community benefit fund. As well as Delabole, we have two solar farms in Cornwall and buy electricity from independent generators based in the county.

Working with Eden

At Good Energy, we believe in partnering with purposeful, ethical organisations that share our vision of a cleaner, greener future. Organisations like Eden Project. We’ve been working closely with them since 2014 – supplying their electricity along with developing exciting projects such as innovative battery storage technologies. We’re deeply committed to our partnership and have ambitious plans for the future.

The electric and eclectic Eden Sessions bring together audiences and musicians from all over the country. It’s always inspiring that many people that come here are just as passionate about the environmental issues Eden and Good Energy are tackling as we are. Because we know that together, we can all make a difference.

Want to know more?

Find out more about what we do on the Good Energy website.