Partner: William Grant & Sons

Partner: William Grant & Sons

William Grant & Sons is an independent family-owned distiller headquartered in the United Kingdom and founded by William Grant in 1887. Today, the global premium spirits company is run by the fifth generation of his family and distils some of the world’s leading brands of Scotch whisky, including the world’s most awarded single malt Glenfiddich®, The Balvenie® range of handcrafted single malts and the world’s third largest blended Scotch Grant’s® as well as other iconic spirits brands such as Hendrick’s® Gin, Sailor Jerry® Spiced Rum, and Tullamore Dew® Irish Whiskey.

To find out more about the company and some of the agency brands it distributes, including Disaronno® and Tia Maria®, please visit the William Grant website.


Russian Standard vodkaRussian Standard

  • The world’s number 1 premium Russian vodka. Pure Vodka, ultra smooth, clean and delicious.
  • Made in St Petersburg, state-of-the-art distillation using finest ingredients of winter wheat and water of glacial origin.

In 1894, Dmitry Mendeleev, the greatest scientist in all Russia, received a decree from the Tsar to create the Imperial quality standard for Russian vodka. The ‘Russian Standard’ was born. Today in St Petersburg, our state-of-the-art distillery allows us to bring this vodka heritage into the 21st Century. Using winter wheat from the Russian Steppes and pure glacial water from Lake Ladoga, we have created the genuine taste of Russian vodka
that is once again being celebrated throughout the world.

Piper-Heidsieck champagnePiper-Heidsieck

Founded in 1785, Piper-Heidsieck is one of the oldest Grande Maison de Champagne. Piper’s name is synonymous with some of the brightest stars: from Marie-Antoinette to Marilyn Monroe. Pinot Noir-based, the wines are structured, ample with fruit.


Hendrick’s Gin

3126-1951_hiHendrick’s is a most unusual gin, made with odd yet marvellous infusions of cucumber and rose petals and distilled in
Ayrshire, Scotland. Serve this super premium gin with ice, tonic and a glorious cucumber garnish.





Tia Maria bottleTia Maria

A sophisticated liqueur made from finest Jamaican coffee beans, it has a distinctive, smooth coffee taste with a hint of vanilla. A modern mixable liqueur, which is great in cocktails and long drinks.







Disaronno is the world’s favourite Italian liqueur and original Amaretto dating back to 1525. Highly versatile with a rich aroma and delicious taste, it is perfect when enjoyed with a favourite mixer or on its own over ice.




Sailor JerrySailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry has an authentic story in the shape of Norman Collins, the founding father of tattooing and the man behind the spiced Caribbean spirit that bears his name.





Zubrowka vodkaŻubrówka

Polish Bison Grass Vodka with over 600 years of tradition and a unique flavour derived from “bison grass”, an aromatic plant found in Bialowieża a mysterious place in North-East Poland and the last primeval forest in Europe.