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Eden Project Biomes

Eden Project

The Eden Project in Cornwall is the home of the Eden Sessions. It used to be a barren landscape – a former clay mine with no soil or plants – before we transformed this huge crater into a beautiful global garden where you can rediscover the natural world.

Every Eden Sessions ticket includes entrance to the Eden Project on the day of the gig and the day after, so come and take your time to explore! 


Home to the world-famous Biomes, we are a renowned visitor attraction, environmental charity, learning centre, garden, music venue, conservation body, symbol of hope and catalyst for good. Our exhibits, events and education programmes explore ideas and approaches that will shape a sustainable future for all. 

Beyond our home in Cornwall, we undertake transformational ecology, community and education projects, and we are currently developing projects around the world, including China, Costa Rica and Australia.

Rainforest Biome


Pushing for positive change

We’ve joined the Race to Zero, through our partners Planet Mark, pledging to become a climate positive organisation by 2030.

This is what we're currently doing on our journey to achieving this:

  • Energy: 100% of our electricity is generated via off-site renewables which helps to drive grid decarbonisation and the transition to clean energy sources. In the last 10 years, we've reduced energy use and CO₂ emissions by 35%. Our new geothermal plant will soon provide heat, and then electric, for this site and beyond.
  • Water: We use harvested rain water to flush out toilets onsite. We also harvest the rainwater that falls on the Biomes to irrigate the plants inside, top up the Rainforest waterfall and maintain the high humidity inside.
  • Plastic: there is no single-use plastic on site, including backstage. We sell re-usable, recyclable Sessions cups which you can take home.
  • Food: 85% of our catering supplies are sourced locally, and all of our beef sourced locally and grass-fed. We are also expanding our offer of plant-based food.
  • Recycling: we recycle our glass, metal cans, paper cups and plastic. We turn food waste from our cafés into fertiliser and compost.
  • Plants: Around 10,000 tonnes of carbon are locked up in the soil we made to grow our plants.
  • Travel: We use our fleet of Volvo XC40 Recharge pure electric vehicles, provided by our partners at Volvo, to get around the site.

Read about our future plans to become climate positive.

Help us make the Eden Sessions greener

You can help us, and the environment, in the following ways:

  • Try to use public transport as much as possible to travel to the Eden Sessions, and if that isn't practical, consider car-sharing.
  • Buy a Sessions reusable cup to drink from while you're here.  Find out more about our reusable cups policy on the food and drink page.
  • Try a meat-free day with the delicious vegetarian and vegan options in our cafés.
  • Help us recycle by sorting your waste at our clearly labelled recycling stations. Your food waste is composted to feed our plants! Please don't leave any litter.
  • Look at our 11 tips for fighting climate change and biodiversity loss for suggestions of what to do when you go home.
Bodelva china clay pit

From pit to paradise

Find out how we transformed a lifeless clay pit into a plant-filled paradise as a symbol of regeneration.